The Process of Assigning Tests kick starts the process of getting an individual diagnostic test. The Invite process will send an Email notification to the individual(s) who you invite letting them know they have a test to claim on the Meenta Platform. 

From the 4. Manage Orders (Order Details) page, select "Your Tests" to get to the Assignment Page. "Assign Tests" to send invites to your population to get tested.

There are two ways to Assign Tests:

  1. Manually entering their information 

  2. Bulk uploading from a file 

Manual Assignment of Tests

You will need to enter the Full name and Email of the people who you want to get tested. When you have entered their info press"Complete Assignments" on the bottom right. 

Bulk Uploading a List of Individuals to Invite

Select the "Import from a File" option to use a spreadsheet copy and paste your content directly. 

Once you've added the information for the individual(s) manually or via bulk upload,  you will see a green notice on the bottom letting you know you may proceed. "Complete Assignments" when you are ready.

You will see a confirmation message showing your invites were sent successfully. 

When the invites go out, the individuals that you invited will receive an email instructing them to Claim their Test on Meenta.

You can monitor you list of Tests in the 3. MeentaSafe™ Workspace Dashboard 

  • Manage Results > Diagnostics (to combine the view of tests from all Orders)

  • "Your Tests" in the Order Details page (to see tests only from a specific Order)

From the View in Order Details:

  • Export a List of your tests

  • Print Labels

  • Resend the Invite - including the custom link. 

  • Revoke the Test Invite (If it hasn't been Claimed)

  • View a summary of the individual's required documents

Select Resend to view Invite options: