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Adding Admins to your Team

Adding Admins to your Team


In your Pooling  Workspace, you will have control over who joins your Admin team, and who has what permissions levels. There are three main levels to Choose from:

  1. Owner - the highest level of permissions settings. We need at least one per workspace. You will manage the testing experience and have access to all information, including results.

  2. Manager - Typically appropriate to help Scan or assist with the sample collection process. No access to results.

  3. Observer - They can see all data but do not have any read/write privileges (no ability to edit). 

From the 3. Pooling Oversight UI & Tools Screen, scroll down to your "Settings" tab. 

Open the Settings Option and select "Invite User" to open a modal that allows you to invite another Administrator to this workspace. They will receive an email and will be prompted to set-up and account before logging into this workspace. 

Your invited person will gain access to your workspace in the role you have selected for them. This can be changed at any time.