How does Meenta work?

Meenta is an online retailer with a diverse menu of clinical diagnostic testing and laboratory services. Here's what we can do for you.

Need COVID-19 testing for travel? What about a genetic panel to assess your heart health? Looking to perform exome sequencing for your research? Meenta's got you covered.

Meenta's platform has two primary categories: Clinical Diagnostic testing for patients, and Life Science Research sequencing. Understanding what you are looking for is a great place to start.

Purchasing clinical diagnostic testing for yourself or others is easy - just go to our marketplace and find the right product for you. Placing a project order for our life sciences may require more guidance, and the Meenta team is ready to help!

Clinical Diagnostic Testing

  • COVID-19 Testing: with the pandemic winding down and countries easing travel restrictions, your testing needs may be different than they were a few months ago. That's why we're introducing MeentaMed: clinical supervision for you.

Many countries do not require PCR testing for entry, but they do require a PDF result report generated by a healthcare team.

MeentaMed offers COVID-19 testing with clinical supervision and digital proctoring from our Clinical Team. This way, you can take a simple rapid antigen test at home, and still receive what you need to travel.

  • Wellness Testing: the Meenta marketplace offers a variety of comprehensive genetic panels that can help assess many aspects of your health, including (but not limited to):
    • screen for cancer indicators
    • check your metabolic status
    • test for infectious agents
    • look for genetic variants involved in drug metabolism

For most of our wellness testing products, you are able to perform testing at your home as Meenta sends you everything needed. Once you collect the sample, many of the products must then be mailed (mailer + label included in your kit) to the lab for testing. Once the lab has finished processing your test, you receive your results through the Meenta Testing Portal! Gain access to incredible genetic and metabolic insight from the comfort of your own home.

Life Science Research Testing

Meenta understands how difficult it can be to receive the sequencing services you need for your research projects. That's why we've teamed up directly with high-quality laboratories to bring their services to you! We have a team of experts to help guide you through the process of booking time on machines, sending your samples, and receiving your results.