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How to Assign Tests to Dashboard Members

"Assigning" a test registers a physical test to a members, so you can keep track of tests taken and their results.

  1. Once in your Workspace, under "Members", select "Manage"
  2. Easily assign tests to individuals, or "Select All Members"  with "Add Tests" to bulk-assign tests to all dashboard members
  3. Continue 
  4. Select the desired test from your Workspace's available orders, then Continue
  5. Select the desired number of tests you would like to assign to each member. This may be useful if you anticipate members testing multiple times.
  6. Select whether or not you would like an email invitation to be sent from Meenta to each member. This allows the member to directly access the Test from their email. Or, if you are planning on notifying the members, do not send an email invitation.
  7. Review and complete!

    You can view how many tests each member is assigned within the dashboard.