Lab Data Round Trip Full Circle

The Data Round Trip for Meenta Labs


The Process Plan

So, you’re wondering what it means for your lab to work with Meenta in a practical, operation sense. We’ve broken it down into six simple steps to alleviate confusion and answer questions you might have (Figure 1 and text below). 

1. Customers order your product from the Meenta Marketplace. Meenta places the corresponding order to the lab via the lab's preferred method (email, order form, inventory portal, etc.).

2. Patients create accounts on the Meenta Platform to enter information for test qualification. The ordering physician is typically provided either by Meenta or the customer.

3. Patient information is sent to the lab as needed for mandatory regulatory reporting as needed either via API or file transfer via a secure SFTP server. Meenta also offers this reporting as a service to the lab by request. 

4. Your lab ships sample collection supplies either directly to the customer, or to a Meenta inventory warehouse (optional, as chosen by the lab).

5. Samples are collected and shipped directly to the lab via priority overnight shipping. Medical supervision is typically provided either by Meenta or the customer on a per-case basis, as needed.

6. Test results are submitted from the lab to the Meenta platform via API or SFTP, where they are automatically processed and viewable to the patient.

Figure 1. A flowchart of operational interactions between Meenta and our supplier labs.