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How to Add Members to your Workspace

  • Within your Meenta Dashboard account, select the Workspace you would like to manage

  • Under "Members", select "Manage"

  • You can add members in 2 ways:
  1. Add Member - add individual members

  • You will need: full name, email address, and role within your organization

2.   Bulk Import - import many members from a spreadsheet

  • If you are using a new spreadsheet, under "Update Using" select "None, this is a new import" - this will add every member in the spreadsheet
  • If you are re-uploading an existing file that has been updated (ie if a few members have been added to a master list), select one of the other options
    • The option chosen will determine the method of filtering entries so no members are duplicated. For example, if email addresses have not changed and are unique to members, select "Email address", and upload. This allows you to upload the same file as before, but will only add entries that have new email addresses
  • Import from Excel or CSV file