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Intro to Meenta Dashboard

Meenta Dashboard allows you to manage multiple Workspaces for different companies, schools, or events that require testing.

What is a Workspace?

Within the Meenta Dashboard portal, a Workspace corresponds to an organization like a company or school that is performing testing. You may be part of one Workspace, or, if you manage multiple organizations that test, you may have access to multiple.

If your organization hosts an event that requires testing, you might use a new Workspace. This allows you to manage the specific member list, as well as track testing within a more finite time frame.

Within your Dashboard, you can access all organizations from your home page. Once in a Workspace, you can:

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 11.12.20 AM

What can I use Meenta Dashboard → Workspaces for?

Workspaces allow administrators to manage their members, what tests are registered to each member, as well as view important results. Keeping track of all of your members' data is made easy by our search and tagging functions. Additionally, you can manage orders placed for tests, to keep track of tests taken by your organization's members. For important screening tests, such as COVID-19 testing before an event, you can also view your members' results once they complete their authorization and consent forms. It is a versatile tool that allows easy, straightforward management for all your organization's testing needs.