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The Members section is where you will manage the roster of people you want to include in your pooling. If there is a chance that you will be testing someone, then they should be added to this list. When you search for a name to scan a barcode against, our system will check the members list for a match. 

From the 3. Pooling Oversight UI & Tools page, Go to the Members section:

Adding a Member: You can Bulk Import Members from a spreadsheet (excel, csv), or add them individually.

To bulk import members, you have the option of importing a new list or updating an existing list that you have already imported (select which criteria you would like to match on). 

For the bulk import option, you will need to make sure that your spreadsheet includes full name and email address. You may include additional fields like phone number, internal ID, role, and tags (comma separated), but these are optional. 

If you did use Roles and Tags, you can sort members once you have imported your list. The below example has two refinements: the role "Hero," and by one tag "Blue Team." You can use this to help narrow down the population when you scan.