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Pools (Results)

Pools (Results)


From the 3. Pooling Oversight UI & Tools Page, Go into Pools to see a list of Results. You will see a green notice showing how many "new pools" require your attention.

From the Pools Page, you can view pools and statuses. New Pools will be marked as "new," until you go inside the pool and manually mark is as "done."

You may see one of 4 different categories:

  1. Not detected - The entire pool is Not Detected. 

  2. Detected - At least one person in the pool is "Detected." All samples in the pool will be run again in smaller pools of two and then reflexed to individual diagnostic tests.

  3. Inconclusive - This will be treated like a "detected" pools and run again in smaller pools. 

  4. Invalid - There was a problem with the sample and it could not be processed. Needs retest.

  5. Processing - This is still in progress. The lab has provided a pool ID, but does not have results yet.

Filter Pools by Result or Whether they are "New" or not. 

Go into a specific Pool by selecting "View"to get more details, including a list of barcodes that matched to the Pool. Below is an example "Not Detected" Pool: All samples have come back as "Not Detected." 

The Message All feature will allow you to send notifications it to everyone in the Pool using one of your custom templates. You may select Email, SMS, or both. 

Example "Detected" Pool 

  1. Preliminary Results: At least one of the samples in the pool is "Detected."

2. Secondary Results: Within a 12 hour period, a second notification will alert you that there are new results available. Each sample was run again, broken down into smaller pools of two. This dismisses most of the original pool as "not detected."