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What do I do if I am testing with a minor?

All adults must perform testing within their own Meenta Testing accounts. Minors may use their guardian's account to test.

Minors under the age of 18 may perform testing - including activating their test kit, completing patient forms, submitting result photos, and receiving result reports - within their guardian's Meenta Testing account. Complete everything as you would for yourself, and fill out the personal details of the minor within the test in your account. This way, all results will be uploaded with their information.

Minors under 18 who have their own email addresses may create their own Meenta Testing accounts if they choose, as long as they provide guardian information in their forms.

Note: All capable adults must complete testing within their own Meenta Testing accounts, for HIPAA compliance. This is because sharing a testing account allows you each to see the other person's testing information, which is a HIPAA violation. Simply complete the signup form in the Meenta Testing portal, or contact Customer Support for more help!