What is the difference between the Lucira Check It and the Lucira All-In-One?

  • Lucira Check It is offered with the LUCI PASS app. This test is considered Over-The-Counter (OTC) testing, and is used for surveillance. LUCI PASS provides verification of your at-home results, and is maintained by Lucira, not Meenta.
  • Lucira All-In-One is considered Point-Of-Care (POC) testing, and has medical oversight through Meenta's Medical Director. This test generates a clinician-reviewed PDF report that is good for travel to many (although not all) destinations. Once you place an order for this test on our website, you would then create an account on our testing platform. After completing those steps,  you will be able to access your Meenta account to upload a photo of your result and receive a report from our clinical team.

How quickly will I receive my PDF result report for the Lucira AIO?

Our Clinical Team reviews Lucira All-In-One tests uploaded throughout the business day, and the PDF reports are posted once our Team reviews the test. Additionally, we do review tests on weekends and holidays. Depending on what day and time they are uploaded (for example, if uploaded overnight EST), it may take up to 12 hours to receive your PDF report, so please plan accordingly.